Desetar is the Pali word meaning "a guide, instructor, or teacher".


Photographer Peter Seidler shares his work with a group of meditation practitioners on a month-long retreat:

I set up the “Before and After” project to explore the observable effects on practitioners after long periods of intense meditation practice. The question is: what are the observable changes after a period of intense practice?

More information & photos from the experiment are available at the Shambhala Times website.


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“There are many people who practice yoga and meditation who have video-game systems in their homes, but they rarely use them – but these are powerful devices, capable of creating wonderful experiences. I hope anyone who explores Leela will feel enriched by what we’ve created.”

For the first time ever, with Kinect for Xbox 360, players can see and measure their breath in real time on-screen. Leela also offers gentle feedback and encouragement to enhance the meditative breathing practice.

More information is available is available at


From the Huffington Post:

Previous research on mindfulness meditation has shown that it aids in lowering blood pressure, improves immune system and brain function and minimizes pain sensitivity. A new review of past literature on mindfulness now breaks down what exactly it is about the practice that seems to have these beneficial effects.

Researchers defined mindfulness as “the nonjudgmental awareness of experiences in the present moment” in the Perspectives on Psychological Science study. They identified the four acting components of mindfulness meditation: regulation of attention, body awareness, self-awareness and regulation of emotion.
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We originally learned about the buddhify app from the Buddhist Geeks Podcast #217. (That episode is especially special to us at MettāNation, as Rohan’s ideas about modernizing our meditation practice to attract new practitioners was one of the motivating factors behind starting our group!)

As it’s descried in the FAQ: “buddhify has been especially designed for people who have always wanted to try meditation but have never got round to it and for people who have just started to hear about the benefits meditation can bring. People who are already meditators will also find it useful but it is targeted for beginners. It is most suitable for people who live in cities, have busy lives and have an Android or iPhone smartphone. ”

The app is now available at for both Android and iPhone. As they point out, “people who are already meditators will also find it useful but it is targeted for beginners. “


From a blog post on the Public Library of Science:

Beneath the poetic cultural trappings of Buddhism, what intensive meditation offers to long-term practitioners is a kind of metacognitive hack of the human operating system (a metaphor that probably crossed Jobs’ mind at some point.) Sitting zazen offered Jobs a practical technique for upgrading the motherboard in his head.
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